About Me

Hey y’all!!! I’m Jeana, but I’m also called Selaphyna.

I’m from Pontiac, Illinois. I’m a mom – 2 boys, ages 20 and 8 – coffeeholic, and a geek at heart. I enjoy playing computer games, which is where the name “Selaphyna” came from. It has been my nickname for roughly 15 years now. I enjoy reading – young adult, science fiction, and fantasy. I also enjoy science fiction/fantasy movies and shows. I also enjoy drawing and doing arts & crafts.

I enjoy reading. Always have. Young adult, science fiction, and fantasy are my go-to genres. And my youngest loves books too. He is neurodivergent, and when he was younger, we had therapy sessions here in our home. His developmental therapist used a number of different things to play with him to help. One thing in particular was a few Usborne books – specifically the “That’s Not My” books. He loved looking at and touching the pages. He’s very tactile/sensory driven. That was my first experience with PaperPie (at the time, called Usborne Books and More.) Joining them has always been something I thought about doing, but it wasn’t until recently I finally felt the calling to jump all in. I want to be able to encourage the love of reading in others and continue to encourage/foster that in my son.

My goal and mission are to help parents encourage the love of reading in their children! 

While I live in Pontiac, Illinois, and the majority of my business is conducted online, I also happily and proudly serve Odell, Chenoa, Flanagan, Fairbury, Cornell, Saunemin, and other surrounding towns.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me!

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